Despite proper management and controls, nuisance odors are nevertheless a common occurrence at wastewater treatment plants, biosolids processing facilities and biosolids recycling locations. Additionally, nuisance odors are potentially the biggest red flag with regard to community acceptance. Biosolids processors are faced with odors during thickening, digestion, dewatering, transporting, storage, truck loading, air-drying, composting, heat drying, alkaline stabilization, and/or incineration. With the “luxury” of relative plant isolation in decline due to the pervasive increase in housing developments further into what was previously “out in the country”, the need to deal more directly and holistically with sewage biosolids malodors is increasing at a high rate.


Ecosorb® Spray Gel is an effective odor management tool for use in transport and off-loading of sewage biosolids. In situations where biosolids must be trucked through inhabited areas or where odor at the off-loading site is a problem, it can provide meaningful reductions in odor with a single application prior to exiting the wastewater facility.  For a detailed description of Ecosorb® Spray Gel, please click here.


For land application of sewage biosolids where nuisance odors persist, Ecosorb® 607 is a highly effective and proven means of eliminating fugitive odors by affecting an active chemical change of odorous molecules e.g., mercaptans, amines, indole in the downwind stream emanating from the application site. For a detailed description of our waterless vapor-phase system, please click here.



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